How to Write Internship Report | Internship Report Format with Template

How to Write Internship Report

Internship Report; after the internship, each student must present an internship report document. When writing an internship report, students should learn how to write a step-by-step report. What is an internship report? An internship report provides a compilation of your internship program that many companies demand you submit at the end of your stay. The … Read more

Study Plan for Scholarship or Admission with Example

Study plan for scholarship

A study plan is a well-organized timetable prepared by students that include their learning objectives and study hours. Students should create a study plan, identical to school and work timetables, to efficiently establish hours and days to devote to their studies. A study plan describes your course’s topic requirements that show when intended subjects must … Read more

How to write Personal Statement for College or Scholarship?

personal statement for college

A good GPA and excellent recommendations are required for all prospective candidates for the most competitive academic grants. The quality of the personal statement is what separates the top candidates from the rest. It should highlight your achievements while also communicating your vision for the future. Most essential, your personal statement should make the selection committee … Read more

Best Health Insurance for Low Income

best health insurance for low income

There was a time when almost every person in the states dreamt of an affordable health insurance plan. This dream came true for the people after the healthcare reform was signed by Barack Obama in 2010. People whose income was between 400% and 100% of the federal poverty level became eligible for the subsidies. Even … Read more

Student Malpractice Insurance

Student Malpractice Insurance

Many states of the USA require some amounts for malpractice insurance coverage. In Florida, aphysician should have a coverage of at least $100000 per claim. However, the requirements aredifferent in different states of the US. What is covered under malpractice insurance? This insurance protects healthcare providers if a patient files a case against them of … Read more

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application (Samples)

Motivation Letter for scholarship

A scholarship motivation letter is critical in deciding whether or not your application will be accepted. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills prior to a personal interview, even though he does not read their curriculum vitae. Like a cover letter, a motivation letter isn’t needed for every application. But when needed … Read more