7 practices that will make a big difference in your software development experience

The constant repetition of habits, and especially good habits, leads us to incorporate practices that will help you become an excellent professional as a software developer.

What are those practices that will make a difference in your work experience?

Today we are going to talk about 7 of those professional practices that you can incorporate:

1- Take care of the details.

Writing code is like writing any text. That is, the code must be read from top to bottom. Taking care of each and every detail of the code you write (correct and consistent indentation, absence of unnecessary comments, etc.) is a sign of quality. You learn not only to take care of details, but to structure and develop your lines in a creative way.

2-Do not have problems in eliminating part of the code if necessary.

We have to assume it, as a software project evolves, and as improvements are made in the design, necessarily parts of the code will become obsolete and have to be eliminated or profoundly modified. There is nothing worse than trying to keep this and that at all costs simply because you think it took you hours to develop it, thus dirtying the solution. Be careful, evaluate well what you are going to eliminate. It is not bad to delete, but check that you do not find a job well done.

3- Work on planned tasks and deliver on time.

Programming well (in the context of a project with a work team) requires adhering to some type of methodology that imposes the pace of development, times, cycles and phases. If it has been agreed to make certain functionality, a good professional sticks to it and commits to its completion on time. At we teach you methodologies to organize your time and deliver tasks in an orderly manner. The best management is self-management. You know your work rate better than anyone.


4 – Read projects made by others.

Nothing better than learning from more experienced programmers. That is, look for and study other programming projects that have already been done in order to have a guide or clarity on how you can solve the project that you have together with your team.

5- Do not reinvent the wheel.

That said, you don’t have to complicate creating a unique code for every problem you have to face. Many times the solution already exists and you just have to know how to detect how you can adapt that solution to your project. It is good to get used to admitting this reality as it will help you to be more efficient with your work. 

6- Avoid isolating yourself with information and knowledge

Don’t try to hide or be the only one who knows certain information as a way to stand out from the crowd. We know that the market is competitive, but these types of attitudes can lead you to stay tied to the project without being able to turn to others in case you need help.

7-Collaborate with the rest of the team.

In line with what we said in the previous point, software development is a deeply collaborative activity, if you do not know or do not want to collaborate with your colleagues, sooner or later you will have to look for another job. Being a software developer is a job that depends on teamwork and if you want your professional career to always be successful, this is a practice that you should incorporate into your professional habits.


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