A Debt-Free Path to a Computer Science Degree at Lambda School

Are you intrigued by the idea of pursuing a computer science degree without accumulating any debt?

Lambda School offers precisely that opportunity, enabling students to embark on a high-quality program that prepares them for careers as software engineers without the burden of upfront tuition costs.

Founded in Silicon Valley, Lambda School provides online classes accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Instead of traditional tuition fees, Lambda School offers an Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA) option, with an alternative of paying $20,000 in tuition upfront and forgoing any post-graduation tuition obligation.

What Exactly is the Income-Sharing Agreement (ISA)?

Under the ISA model, once students secure a job earning at least $50,000 annually, they repay 17% of their income for two years. Importantly, the maximum tuition repayment is capped at $30,000. This setup aligns Lambda School’s incentives with student success, as the institution is motivated to assist graduates in securing employment opportunities after graduation.

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Program Offerings at Lambda School

Lambda School offers a range of study options, including:

  • Full-Stack Web & Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • iOS Development & Computer Science
  • Android Development & Computer Science
  • UX Design

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How to Apply?

Prospective students can easily apply online and expect to receive an admissions decision within 4-5 business days. Additionally, those interested in Lambda School’s offerings can audit courses for a day to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum before committing to the program.


Lambda School presents an exciting opportunity for aspiring computer scientists and tech enthusiasts to pursue their career goals without the financial strain typically associated with higher education. By offering a debt-free pathway to a computer science degree through Income-Sharing Agreements, Lambda School is revolutionizing the way students access and pay for education. With its flexible online classes and commitment to student success, Lambda School opens doors to a promising future in the dynamic field of technology. If you’re ready to embark on your journey to becoming a software engineer or data scientist, Lambda School may just be the perfect starting point.