Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into

Gather as much knowledge about each school as you can to help you get into the one you love. There are many reasons why you might want to consider pursuing a career in the health care field. You may want to help others or be interested in the lucrative salary and benefits the job offers. No matter what your reason for pursuing a career as a nurse, there is one thing that all aspiring nurses should know: it is not easy getting into nursing school. The nursing profession is a lucrative and satisfying one. If you want to enter this career path, you must enroll in an accredited college or university. However, as soon as you can do that, you must first find the easiest nursing schools to get into.

Why Study Nursing?

The nursing profession has evolved immensely over the years. For example, nursing students are no longer required to work long shifts, which was once an essential part of the job.

With the evolution of technology, many nurses can now perform their duties from remote locations instead of hospitals or clinics. This feature makes it easier for nurses who want to balance their professional and personal lives.

Nursing also makes it possible for people in remote areas to gain access to health care they may not have had in the past. You can find small nurse jobs in hospitals, doctor’s offices, or even at home.

Requirements To Get into Nursing School

If you want to attend your favorite nursing school, you must meet these requirements for admission. 

  • Study biological sciences to gain a solid foundation
  • Improve your grade point average
  •  Maintain a clean criminal record
  •  Experiential learning before nursing
  • A strong communication skillset

Despite this, there are a few requirements that almost every nursing school is going to require. Depending on the nursing school, you may want to do some research to find out which conditions apply to you.

Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into

1. Saint Louis University

It is one of the most prestigious nursing schools, with an acceptance rate of 57.5%.

It offers graduate, masters, postmasters, and doctoral-level degree programs in nursing. Saint Louis University has an outstanding national reputation for providing innovative programs for nursing professionals.

With their innovative and integrated curricula, SLU’s nursing programs have won national recognition. It has long been a vital part of the advancement of nursing research at this school.

This school is dedicated to actively engaging faculty and students in research and learning through its research arm. Researchers at the school collaborate across disciplines to achieve health maintenance or improvement.

2. Illinois State University

A high acceptance rate and low requirements are also apparent at Illinois State University. Expressly, 91% of applications are accepted.

It will even be difficult for me to list the requirements since they are so simple. There is no requirement for SAT/ACT scores or GPAs. If your scores are low, even then, you have a chance to get in.

Applying doesn’t even require completing a course. You’re sure to get accepted if you follow this simple procedure. It is only because of the low acceptance rate that it is not higher. The reason for this is partly because fewer positions are available compared to the number of applicants.

3. University of Rhode Island

Another best nursing school to get into is the University of Rhode Island, which has 69.5%.

There are offices, classrooms, and a laboratory at the University of Rhode Island’s newest facility. Researchers from across the world have been using it since it opened.

Technology reinforces concepts so well at URI. Nurses have been using it to make progress.

Several registered nurses at the University of Rhode Island are retiring soon. Yet, through the creation of a bridge that connects generations, they bridge knowledge gaps.

The accessibility of this school is due to the acceptance rate and attention that every student receives.

4. South Dakota State University

One of the most accessible nursing schools to get into in 2021 is South Dakota State University, with an acceptance rate of 92.4%. There are several ways you can ensure that you stand out in nursing schools. If you follow the steps below, you can beat. Initially, there were only six students in the first semester. In the undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the college, such as pre-nursing courses, more than 1,800 students enrolled. The organization also provides online education and delivers face-to-face programs.

A commitment to education, scholarship, and service remains at South Dakota State. A significant effort has been put into these three critical areas by the nursing field at SDSU.

The nursing curriculum prepares nursing students for the workforce by teaching critical thinking, problem-solving, child care, and other skills. In addition, nurses at SDSU have benefited the community as a whole through nursing education.

Students and faculty at the college keep growing and integrating advances in health care and nursing science. So it’s no wonder the nursing program is one of the most competitive in the country.

5. Drexel University

In addition to offering a Bachelor of Science in nursing program, Drexel University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and, like many of the other schools on this list, can accept 76.9% of applicants. To get admitted to Drexel University, you need to get a C grade in General Chemistry with lab, General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Anatomy with lab, Physiology with lab, Human Nutrition, Microbiology with lab.


Nursing schools are competitive, but there are some ways to help you stand out from the competition. These tips should be helpful as you work to get accepted into an accredited nursing program. Nursing is a challenging field to get into, but an aspiring nurse can succeed with the proper preparation and dedication. We hope this article has served to show you the way towards getting into your dream nursing program.

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