Georgetown Pre-College Online Program 2024

Calculus, English literature, history, Spanish, biology… These are staples of a typical high school curriculum, but what if you’re craving something more? What if you want to explore a special topic or delve into a career path that’s not covered in your standard classes? If you’re seeking a deeper dive into your interests, Georgetown University’s Pre-College Online Program might be just what you’re looking for. Grounded in the principle of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, Georgetown offers a range of courses that allow high school students to explore niche subjects while receiving guidance from expert mentors. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the program’s offerings and the benefits it provides.

Why Choose the Georgetown Pre-College Online Program?

Georgetown’s program offers a unique opportunity for academic enrichment across various fields. It allows students to explore their interests and potential career paths in a supportive environment. By participating in these courses, you can gain insight into your passions, discover new areas of interest, or confirm your career aspirations—all while honing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will serve you well in college and beyond.

The program’s flexible structure caters to different learning styles, incorporating multimedia resources and interactive assignments. You’ll have the freedom to choose topics for final projects and present them in formats that showcase your creativity and skills. Plus, you’ll have access to mentors who will provide guidance and support throughout your journey, helping you make the most of your learning experience.

Participating in Georgetown’s Pre-College Online Program is also a valuable addition to your college applications. It demonstrates your genuine interest in exploring academic subjects beyond the traditional high school curriculum, showcasing your intellectual curiosity and commitment to personal growth.

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What Courses are Available?

Georgetown offers a diverse range of courses designed to appeal to various interests and career goals. From health and medicine to law, international relations, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and journalism, there’s something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse of the courses available:

  • Health and Medicine: Explore topics like patient care, surgery, medical research, and advanced nursing practice.
  • Biology: Dive into cellular structure, disease, and emerging technologies in biology.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Learn about the human body’s systems and how they function together.
  • Psychology: Discover how the brain influences behavior and explore topics in neuroscience.
  • Law: Develop skills in legal decision-making, ethics, and international law.
  • International Relations: Gain insights into global conflict, human rights, and diplomacy.
  • U.S. Politics and Government: Explore the history of the U.S. Constitution, political institutions, and media influence.
  • Cybersecurity: Understand the challenges of cybersecurity and AI’s role in protecting digital assets.
  • Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Finance: Learn about financial markets, business innovation, branding, and marketing strategies.
  • Leadership: Develop leadership skills, conflict resolution techniques, and strategies for motivating others.
  • Journalism: Explore storytelling, media platforms, and digital journalism in the modern age.

Wondering what the courses entail? Here’s the scoop

Georgetown’s courses are entirely remote and asynchronous, offering the flexibility to engage with the material on your own time. This setup is ideal for busy high school students in any time zone, as there are no live Zoom classes to attend. Instead, you’ll access the content through a series of captivating video lessons and interactive assignments.

Designed by Georgetown faculty, the courses often include discussions with experts in the field, providing valuable insights and perspectives. The curriculum is crafted to foster active learning, encouraging you to dive deep into the subject matter. Plus, each course culminates in a Final Capstone Project, allowing you to demonstrate your newfound knowledge and skills. It’s a chance to showcase everything you’ve learned and to leave your mark on the program.

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key details about Georgetown’s Pre-College Online Program

Who are the Instructors?

Georgetown’s courses are meticulously designed and recorded by the university’s esteemed professors. Additionally, experienced guest speakers and professionals, experts in their respective fields, often contribute to the course content. For example:

  • Dr. Elise Orellana, an assistant professor at Georgetown’s School of Medicine, crafted Anatomy & Physiology: How the Body Works in Harmony, drawing on her expertise in gross anatomy and histology.
  • Dr. Frederic Lemieux, Faculty Director and Professor of the Practice for various programs including cybersecurity, designed Cybersecurity: Protecting Our Digital Future, leveraging his deep knowledge in intelligence and disruptive technologies.
  • Rebecca Silderbrand, Professor of the Practice and Director of the Journalism Program, brings over twenty years of experience in political journalism to Journalism and Media in the Digital Age.

Additionally, each student is paired with a mentor who provides guidance and support throughout the course.

Final Capstone Project

The culmination of each course is the Final Capstone Project, where students showcase their newfound knowledge and skills. Here are some examples:

  • In Becoming a Surgeon: Skills, Specialties, and Diseases, students create videos and models related to abdominal anatomy and conditions, and design a mock patient quiz.
  • International Law: How the World Works challenges students to analyze a simulation involving military force and recommend specific actions while staying mindful of legality.

Time Commitment

The time commitment varies based on the course duration, whether it’s one week, two weeks, or four weeks long. Typically, students spend 20-30 hours on instruction and activities, distributed evenly over the selected course period.


Students as young as 13 can enroll in courses year-round, making it accessible for those seeking academic enrichment opportunities outside of the traditional school calendar.

Application Process

To apply, you’ll need to provide basic personal information and a brief personal statement explaining your interest in the chosen course(s). Application deadlines vary depending on the course start date, but they generally close about a week before the course begins.

Cost and Financial Aid

Each course costs up to $1,795, irrespective of its length. However, need-based scholarships are available for students with high potential who require financial assistance.

With its diverse course offerings, expert instruction, and flexible learning format, Georgetown’s Pre-College Online Program provides an excellent opportunity for high school students to explore their academic interests and prepare for future endeavors.


Georgetown’s Pre-College Online Program offers a unique opportunity for high school students to delve into specialized subjects and explore potential career paths under the guidance of esteemed professors and industry experts. With a flexible and remote learning format, students can engage with course materials at their own pace, making it accessible to learners worldwide. The program’s emphasis on active learning, culminating in a Final Capstone Project, provides a platform for students to apply their knowledge and showcase their skills. Whether you’re passionate about medicine, law, journalism, or entrepreneurship, Georgetown’s program offers a diverse range of courses to suit your interests. Plus, with need-based scholarships available, financial barriers are minimized, ensuring that all students have the chance to participate. By enrolling in Georgetown’s Pre-College Online Program, students can chart their academic journey, gain valuable insights, and lay the foundation for future success.