How to Get Chipotle Tuition Reimbursement Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Chipotle’s tuition reimbursement program presents a valuable opportunity for both full-time and part-time employees to alleviate college costs. This program extends support to a diverse range of educational pursuits, including undergraduate and graduate studies, GED programs, and English language courses for non-native speakers.

Let’s delve into how you can access tuition reimbursement benefits at Chipotle through a step-by-step guide:

How to Get Chipotle Tuition Reimbursement Step-by-Step Guide

Secure a Job at Chipotle

All positions at Chipotle are eligible for tuition reimbursement, whether you’re part of the restaurant crew, management team, or support roles. Begin your journey by exploring available positions on Chipotle’s jobs portal. By inputting your desired location, you can identify Chipotle locations with open positions. Even if no immediate openings are available in your area, you have options. Sign up for updates through the jobs portal to receive notifications when positions become available. This proactive approach ensures you stay ahead of the competition and seize opportunities as soon as they arise.

Stay tuned for the next steps as we explore the benefits of tuition reimbursement for both employers and employees, and discuss alternative options for those without a Chipotle nearby.

Meet the Hourly Requirement

Chipotle’s tuition reimbursement program extends to both part-time and full-time employees, but eligibility requires meeting specific criteria. While most benefits kick in after 30 days of employment, tuition reimbursement has a longer waiting period. Employees must work a minimum of 15 hours per week for four months before becoming eligible. This timeframe ensures that employees integrate well into the company culture before Chipotle invests in their education. Planning ahead? Consider starting your employment during the summer to establish yourself as a valued team member before the school year begins, ensuring prompt eligibility for tuition reimbursement once classes commence.

Choose Your Program

Chipotle offers various tuition reimbursement options tailored to employees’ career goals. One option includes debt-free degree programs through approved partnerships relevant to Chipotle’s industry. Collaborating with Guild Education, Chipotle provides these programs at no cost to employees, focusing on fields such as business, agriculture, and the service industry. Alternatively, employees can opt for traditional tuition reimbursement, with Chipotle covering up to $5,250 per year for approved educational programs, including undergraduate, graduate, trade school, GED, and ESL programs. The amount you receive depends on the program you choose, all while receiving your regular salary.

Check Family Eligibility

Chipotle extends tuition reimbursement benefits to immediate family members of employees, covering GED and ESL programs.

Understanding Guild Education

Guild Education serves as an intermediary between corporations like Chipotle and educational institutions. With a comprehensive list of corporate partners and educational providers, Guild matches employees with suitable programs based on their location, educational aspirations, and personal preferences. Employees receive ample support from Guild to ensure success in their educational pursuits.

Why Chipotle Offers Tuition Reimbursement

Chipotle’s tuition reimbursement program serves multiple purposes. By investing in employee education, Chipotle boosts retention rates and cultivates a skilled workforce, with participants showing a 3.5x higher retention rate and being 7.5x more likely to advance to management positions. Moreover, Chipotle benefits from tax write-offs for tuition reimbursement, incentivizing the company to allocate funds towards employee education. This tax benefit is capped at $5,250 per employee per year, aligning with Chipotle’s annual reimbursement limit.


Chipotle’s tuition reimbursement program offers a valuable opportunity for both part-time and full-time employees to alleviate the burden of college costs. By meeting specific eligibility requirements and choosing suitable educational programs, employees can access financial support to pursue their career goals. Whether opting for debt-free degree programs or traditional tuition reimbursement, Chipotle employees and their families can benefit from educational opportunities while also advancing their careers within the company. Moreover, Chipotle’s investment in employee education not only fosters a skilled workforce but also contributes to higher retention rates and promotes career advancement opportunities. Overall, Chipotle’s commitment to supporting employee education underscores its dedication to fostering personal and professional growth within its workforce.