How to Get FedEx Tuition Reimbursement Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Considering furthering your education while working at FedEx? You’re in luck! FedEx offers tuition reimbursement for its employees, making it easier for you to pursue your academic goals. Let’s delve into the details to see if you qualify for FedEx tuition reimbursement and what steps you need to take to get started.

Qualifying for FedEx Tuition Reimbursement

FedEx keeps the qualification process straightforward for its employees. To be eligible for tuition reimbursement, you must be a package handler employee for at least sixty calendar days after your hire date. It’s as simple as that! However, keep in mind that seasonal help during peak business times may not qualify for tuition reimbursement. But if you transition from a seasonal position to a full or part-time role, you become eligible, with your start date considered from when you were initially hired as seasonal help.

How to Enroll in the FedEx Tuition Reimbursement Program Step-by-Step Guide?

Become a Package Handler Employee

To qualify for tuition reimbursement at FedEx, you need to start by becoming a package handler. Ensure you have been employed in this role for a minimum of sixty calendar days after your initial hire date. It’s essential to note that seasonal employees are not typically eligible for tuition reimbursement unless they transition to a non-seasonal position. However, your hire date will be considered from the first day you worked as a seasonal employee.

Enroll in an Accredited Institution

FedEx doesn’t restrict employees to specific schools for tuition reimbursement. The only requirement is that you must enroll in an accredited university, college, trade school, vocational school, or technical school.

Submit the Proper Paperwork

Once you’ve been accepted into an accredited institution, it’s time to complete the necessary paperwork to receive tuition assistance. FedEx offers employees up to $1,500 per calendar year towards their education, provided the following documents are submitted on time:

  • Hourly Tuition Reimbursement Application
  • Itemized paid receipts indicating the method of payment (check, loan, grant, cash)
  • Transcripts or grade report

Ensure all required documents are submitted and reviewed before the deadline, which is December 15th of the current year. Once approved, tuition reimbursement will be disbursed to the employee through the payroll office.


The FedEx tuition reimbursement program offers a valuable opportunity for employees to pursue further education and enhance their skills. By following the outlined steps and meeting the eligibility criteria, employees can take advantage of financial assistance towards their educational expenses. Whether you’re looking to advance in your current role or explore new career opportunities, investing in education can be a significant step forward. Take advantage of this program to invest in your future and achieve your academic and professional goals with FedEx’s support.