How to Get Papa John’s Tuition Reimbursement Step-by-Step Guide 2024

Papa John’s is among the many restaurants extending a helping hand to its employees by offering assistance with their educational pursuits. Through its tuition assistance program, employees gain access to numerous universities and a wide array of degree options, with the aim of supporting both corporate and franchise team members in furthering their education through full or partial assistance programs.

How does Papa John’s tuition reimbursement program function?

Papa John’s Dough & Degrees Program empowers employees to enroll in any of the partner universities and organizations listed below:

  • Bright Horizons
  • University of Phoenix
  • Western Governors University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • American Military University
  • eCornell
  • Career Online High School
  • myTime English

With this diverse range of partners, students have the opportunity to earn anything from a high school diploma to a master’s degree!

What is The Eligibility Criteria?

To qualify for participation in the Dough and Degrees program, employees must work a minimum of ten hours per week and have completed at least 60 days of employment.

How to Get Papa John’s Tuition Reimbursement

Given Papa John’s partnerships with various universities and organizations, the enrollment process may vary for each institution. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to outline the enrollment procedure for every partner. We recommend inquiring about the program with your manager or supervisor if you’re interested. Even if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria at present, expressing your interest can be beneficial. It ensures that your employer is aware of your intentions to pursue educational opportunities once you meet the requirements.

Coverage Provided by Dough and Degrees

Papa John’s covers all costs, including tuition, fees, and textbooks, upfront. This means that when you embark on your educational journey, there will be no initial expenses for you to bear!

Are you required to stay with Papa John’s after completing your education?

No, Papa John’s employees are not obligated to remain with the company after graduating from school. In fact, there’s no requirement for team members to even utilize their degree. Papa John’s main goal is to provide support to its employees in their educational endeavors.

How to Choose Your Field of Study

While we don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer for choosing a field of study, we do have some guiding questions that might help you navigate this decision.

Firstly, consider your current educational level. If you haven’t obtained your high school diploma yet, that should be your starting point. If you already have an associate’s degree, you might want to leverage that toward earning a bachelor’s degree. Take a moment to assess where you stand academically.

Next, reflect on your career aspirations. Do you envision yourself pursuing a career in education, medicine, or a technical field? This is a personal decision that requires introspection.

Lastly, explore the programs offered by the universities and organizations partnered with Papa John’s. Reviewing these programs can provide insight into various career paths and help you narrow down your options. Ask yourself if any particular programs spark your interest and align with your future career goals.

Considerations for Franchise and Corporate Locations

It’s important to note that not all Papa John’s locations are corporate-owned; some are privately owned franchises. If you’re applying to work at Papa John’s with the intention of participating in the Dough and Degrees program, be sure to understand that the program may vary slightly at franchise locations.

Prior College Credit

If you have any previous college credits, don’t hesitate to mention them. You never know which credits might transfer toward a new degree. While Papa John’s partners with various schools, it’s worthwhile to inquire about credit transfer possibilities.


Papa John’s Dough and Degrees program stands as a remarkable initiative to support its employees in furthering their education. With access to a wide range of universities and degree options, team members have the opportunity to pursue their educational aspirations without the burden of upfront costs. Additionally, the flexibility provided by Papa John’s in terms of post-graduation employment and degree utilization underscores their commitment to the personal and professional growth of their workforce. Aspiring learners considering employment at Papa John’s can rest assured that the company not only values their contributions but also actively invests in their future success.