How to Get UPS Tuition Reimbursement Step-by-Step Guide 2024

At UPS, employees have access to valuable financial support for their education through the Earn & Learn Tuition Assistance program, which has already benefitted over 140,000 individuals. This program is particularly appealing to part-time package handlers across more than 100 locations nationwide, making it a popular choice among college students seeking part-time employment opportunities. Moreover, it serves as a stepping stone for career advancement within UPS.

For full-time employees, UPS also offers the Education Assistance Program, further solidifying its commitment to supporting employee growth and development.

Let’s delve into the specifics of the Earn & Learn program and guide you through the steps to get started on your educational journey with UPS!

How does UPS Earn & Learn Work?

Employees at UPS are eligible to receive up to $5,250 in tuition assistance per calendar year, with a maximum lifetime funding limit of $25,000.

While only part-time non-management employees at select locations qualify for this program, it’s essential not to be discouraged. UPS offers part-time opportunities at over 100 locations nationwide, ensuring widespread accessibility to the Earn & Learn program. Additionally, there may be other education assistance programs available for different positions within the company. Don’t hesitate to inquire with a manager at your local UPS store to explore additional funding solutions tailored to your needs.

Exploring the Experience of Working as a Package Handler

Package handling roles at UPS, as highlighted in the “People Behind the Package” video by UPSers, offer a fulfilling and dynamic work experience. Often comprising many part-time non-management positions, these roles are characterized by their fast-paced nature and physical demands, ensuring that each day brings a new challenge. Employees liken the job to solving a puzzle daily, emphasizing the mental engagement it provides. If you thrive in environments that foster teamwork and camaraderie, package handling could be the perfect fit for you. Moreover, UPS offers numerous opportunities for advancement, including roles such as driver supervisors or corporate management positions.

Are Earn & Learn Opportunities Uniform Across UPS Locations?

While the Earn & Learn program is available across UPS locations, there are two significant exceptions that provide additional educational opportunities. Employees at UPS’s major hubs in Louisville, Kentucky, and Hodgins, Illinois, enjoy access to unique initiatives aimed at furthering their education and professional development.

For instance, employees at the Hodgins facility can participate in the Chicagoland Regional College Program (CRCP), a partnership with seven colleges in the area. This program offers tuition benefits and a monthly stipend, enhancing employees’ educational pursuits while providing valuable financial support.

In Louisville, high school students can benefit from the School to Work program, often serving as a feeder for the Earn & Learn initiative. This program allows students to attend morning classes before working as package handlers in the afternoon. Additionally, students have the opportunity to take courses at Jefferson Community and Technical College, further enriching their educational experience.

How to Get UPS Tuition Reimbursement Step-by-Step Guide

Explore the Earn & Learn Website

Navigate to the dedicated Earn & Learn section on the UPS jobs page, where comprehensive information about the program awaits. This portal serves as your gateway to understanding and accessing the benefits offered.

Locate Opportunities in Your Vicinity

Utilize the “Search for a UPS tuition assistance location near you” feature to identify openings in your area. By selecting your state from the dropdown menu, you can find nearby Earn & Learn programs listed conveniently for easy access to job applications.

Apply for a Position

The application process for Earn & Learn positions at UPS is streamlined for efficiency. Offering a swift hiring experience, these job postings provide essential details such as role designation, job group, location, shift timings, and hourly wages, ensuring transparency.

Secure Employment and Commence Tuition Assistance

Upon completing the application requirements, expect a conditional job offer within minutes. This rapid response underscores UPS’s commitment to efficiency. As a newly onboarded UPS employee, you immediately qualify for Earn & Learn benefits, setting you on the path to educational advancement.


UPS’s Earn & Learn program offers valuable opportunities for educational advancement while working part-time. With tuition assistance of up to $5,250 per year and numerous locations nationwide, UPS makes it accessible for employees to pursue their academic goals. By following the outlined steps, you can kickstart your journey towards further education and career growth with UPS. Don’t miss out on this chance to combine work with learning and unlock your full potential!