Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application (Samples)

A scholarship motivation letter is critical in deciding whether or not your application will be accepted. This is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills prior to a personal interview, even though he does not read their curriculum vitae. Like a cover letter, a motivation letter isn’t needed for every application. But when needed they are critical. So please read this article to prepare yourself to write an impressive motivation letter for winning a scholarship. Sample motivation letters are also available at the end of this article.

The motivation letter must convince whoever reads it to decide to grant you the place or scholarship you are requesting. Therefore, it must convey interest and infect to the reader. The style should be polite, serious and respectful. Motivation letter is your only opportunity to show your skills. It must demonstrate your abilities and portray yourself as a highly motivated and competent candidate.

What is a Motivation Letter for Scholarship?

motivation letter is a one-page introductory document attached to a resume. A scholarship cover letter is considered a 20 second reading that introduces you to interviewers and convinces them to delve into your papers to consider a job, scholarship, or admission.

It is important to keep your motivation letter on one page (unless otherwise noted). Interviewers, college admissions officers, and executives take about 20 seconds to rate each cover letter on average. With just 20 seconds to impress, you need to keep your cover letter short and straightforward.

Before thinking about what to write in a motivational cover letter, you need to be clear about what it is for and why. Having this very clear is a great advantage in then drafting the text and being able to orient it in the best way to get it straight to the point by hitting the goal.

You can find and use templates to help you create your cover letter, but bear in mind that recruiters and managers want to know that their job / company is important to you. Use caution when using guides or cover letter templates, as they give the impression that you are copying and pasting the same letter into different entries/openings.

Your motivation letter is the only opportunity to demonstrate the skills required to be hired or earn a scholarship. Your motivation letter is your only opportunity to show your skills. You must demonstrate your abilities and portray yourself as a highly motivated and competent candidate.

What is the motivation letter for the scholarship format?

Writing a motivation letter isn’t just what you do anyway. There are tips for writing a cover letter that you just need to adhere to. A professional motivation letter for the scholarship format must include the following points:

  • Be professional

Remember, this is a professional writing. It is very important for your future. This is not a quick email for an old friend which is signed with your name. This letter requires a proficient format.

  • Research

Find the university that interests you. If you are writing a cover letter to get into a particular program, do thorough research on that program. After your research, include some information in your cover letter. It is impressive to show that you have taken the time to investigate.

  • Announce yourself 

Sit back and analyze what you have inside of you that makes you unique. Why should you be accepted? How do you distinguish yourself from others? It is important to mention that you learn fast and work hard. Tell them about your excellent work ethic. Say you are a positive and optimistic person.

Go on and tell them when you have helped or volunteered at church. The admissions office reads and filters hundreds or even thousands of these letters. So, you want them to read all about you before moving on to the next letter. Make it interesting!

  • First preview

Have a detailed plan for your cover letter before writing your first draftAdd the research section (mentioned above) and the list that makes you unique (also mentioned above), but also the answers to important questions specific to your cover letter. The questions listed below are the most used and are answered when writing a cover letter.

A motivation letter contains the following questions when writing a drawing:

  • Who are you and what do you apply for?
  • Why did you choose this university / diploma / program?
  • How did you find out about this university / study / program?
  • Relax

Relax after writing your first cover letter. Grab a cup of tea, turn on the music and forget to type for a minute. The goal is to reorient your mind and recalibrate it. A good rule of thumb is to take a few minute break every thirty minutes for up to one hour of work. If you don’t get the much needed break, connect it to writer’s block!

  • Preview your letter

Nobody gets the perfect first design, think again. Look at your design several times. If you’re really happy with it, make sure it’s professional. What font and what size do you use? Is it easy to read? Make sure the font is a universally used font, such as a font. Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial. Do not write in sizes smaller than 12.

Does your letter fit on one page? It is extremely important that your cover letter appears on one page (unless otherwise specified in the requirements). This makes your letter easier to read. And if you have more than one page, your letter will be overwhelming to candidate readers.

How to Channel your motivation letter for particular Scholarship?

A cover letter needs to link your future plans to the award goals. How do you benefit from continuing education in this area? How will you use this knowledge to support the mission of the community? Let’s say the scholarship comes from an organization committed to wildlife conservation.

The letter should explain how you want to use the training for a career in this field. You will also need to understand why you win this application more than the other candidates.

What specific experiences do you have that set you apart from others? What specific plans do you have to address a current problem in the world ? Even if you currently have limited knowledge of the problem, use it to your advantage. Explain how you can get more education and solve more problems in the future.

What NOT to include when writing Motivation letter for a scholarship

  • Your cover letter for a scholarship must be well written and free from grammatical or spelling errors. 
  • Use professional tone and advanced phrasing (no familiar language). 
  • Provide specific examples from your past, present, and future. 
  • Avoid vague generalizations. Indeterminacy indicates a lack of care or knowledge, which isn’t impressive for a scholarship review committee.
  • Avoid using conversational or inappropriate language.
  • Don’t mention your personal problems as a reason to apply for a scholarship.

Final tips

Writing a cover letter for a scholarship takes time and effort. Plan in advance what you will say and give at least three days to write, check, delete and edit the letter. This extra time offers the best chance of success for your application.

General Guidelines for Motivation letter for Scholarship Application

Usually, the application doesn’t specify how long your cover letter should be. You will need to use your best judgment to write a concise cover letter. The letter should include:

  • The most important elements of your resume
  • Your education
  • An introduction indicating which program you are applying for
  • Information about your academic background
  • Why do you want to do this degree program
  • The potential impact of your proposed research
  • Your future career plans
  • Your professional experiences and plans for the future.

Note: Motivation letters usually range from 500 to 1,000 words. As in the standard 500 word essay, you need to divide them into paragraphs as you write, so that you can read them easily.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing a scholarship motivation letter

As we already know, a motivational speech is the most important document when it comes to winning a scholarship in another country. In addition, a well-written motivational speech also facilitates job hunting and even volunteering.

However, the motivational message for scholarships doesn’t just mention your wishes for new opportunities, but defending an idea of ​​why you and none of the other applicants should be so capable.

  1. Less Words more Deeds

It is easy to express your desire to travel or study in a particular country, but it is difficult to express the reasons why they should choose you. Many of us want to travel, expand our worldview, improve other languages, and improve our quality of life, but really what you should do to make yourself worthy of that award.

Please replace phrases like “my dream has always been XYZ” and “my successes have been …” to “I consider myself the ideal candidate because …” and “my work is characterized by … . “

Remember that the award does not go to those who want it most, but the one who correctly demonstrates that they deserve it.

  1. Take ownership and demonstrate profound knowledge

In the previous paragraph, I do not mean that your wishes are not taken into consideration. These are important to the extent that you try it, you clearly know what you want and why you deserve it.

  1. It matters more what you do for them

That your reasons shouldn’t be limited to the comfort of living in a developed country. Scholarship providers expect you to be genuinely interested in the study program and the positive impact you will have with what you learn. To make it clearer: They don’t care a whistle that you feel safer, happier, richer, or healthier in the country offering the scholarship. What they want to know is how the hell you are going to get back to society the investment they make in you. Quiet! They don’t want money. What counts is the contribution you will make in terms of cultural exchange, what you can teach other students or teachers, the extracurricular clubs you can contribute to and other cooperation projects you have in mind.

Tip: If the scholarship requires you to return to your home country upon completion of the study program, it is important to mention how to apply what you intend to learn in your country.

  1. The Rules are Rules

Finally, limit the cover letter to what it is and what they ask of you. If they tell you 1 sheet, please send a sheet. Please don’t expect the scholarship provider to exempt you from some of the motivation letter requirements. If they ask you 7 of IELTS is 7 and not 6.5, the same with certified work experience: two years is 24 months and not 22 and a half, etc. However, it is good to show that you deserve the scholarship and not to convince them that you worked hard but were unable to meet the other requirements. If you don’t stick to it, give yourself some time as there are always new application dates and scholarship opportunities.

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application Samples

  1. Sample for Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

Macdonald Walter
9876 Estate
Stillwater, OK 74074

The Scholarship Committee
123 Learning Rd. Suite 4A
Australia, OK 73127

To whom It May Concern:

My name is John Walter, a fourth year student at Harvard University. I am currently pursuing a five-year Bachelor of Business Administration and after Degree I plan to pursue a one-year Masters degree after graduation.

While in high school, I worked in the Human Resources department of a reputable oil firm to help them expand their business and resources. I have extensive experience in management roles and resource allocation to produce a meaningful outcome.

I wanted to become a being able to create accessible ……… ..

Also, I would like to work with the HR department, this time as a HR manager instead of a general staff. I strongly believe in their mission to build “a world where everyone has a decent place to live”.

I appreciate your consideration. With your help, I can continue my education in Business Administration and Management to bring affordable homes to those in need.

Best regards,

  1. Sample for Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application

Dear Sirs of the Educational Council

I am writing to you hereby requesting your attention and goodwill.

I require the support of the scholarship program that you run. My current situation is of good average in all my grades. I need the scholarship to be able to study medicine at the University, because my social and economic conditions do not allow me to pay the registration costs, monthly payments, and transportation or accommodation costs.

If they grant me the scholarship, I will be able to start my university studies and I will be able to continue with my illusion of being a doctor one day. In addition, I acquire the firm commitment to return all or part of the financial amount granted to me once my career in the world of work begins.

I trust your positive answer.



High school student

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