Stanford Transfer Acceptance Rate 2024 | Strategies and Insights for Success

Securing admission to Stanford University straight out of high school, with a mere 4% acceptance rate, is undoubtedly a challenging feat. However, for some who refuse to relinquish the dream of becoming a Cardinal, there’s a glimmer of hope—albeit a small one. Stanford does, in fact, admit an extremely limited number of transfer students each year. This blog will uncover crucial information, including the Stanford transfer acceptance rate, application deadlines, requirements, and other essential facts for those determined to pursue the transfer route to Stanford.

What is the Stanford transfer acceptance rate?

Here, we present the most current Stanford transfer acceptance rate alongside historical data.

For the fall of 2022, out of 3,141 transfer applicants, only 57 received acceptance offers, resulting in a Stanford transfer acceptance rate of 1.8%. Breaking this down by gender, the acceptance rates were 1.9% for male applicants and 1.5% for female applicants.

In the fall of 2021, there were 3,265 transfer applicants, and 55 individuals secured admission, yielding a transfer acceptance rate of 1.7%.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the transfer landscape at Stanford, it’s essential to examine historical data. Despite the considerable fluctuations often observed in transfer acceptance rates, Stanford’s rates have remained relatively stable in recent years, with the exception of the notable difference in 2020.

Following are the historical transfer rates of Stanford:

YearAcceptance Rate

What are the Stanford transfer application requirements?

To complete their Stanford application, all students are required to submit the following items:

  1. A Common App for Transfer
  2. Official college transcripts
  3. Final high school transcripts
  4. ACT or SAT scores (although they are test-optional in 2023-24)
  5. College report
  6. Two letters of recommendation from college instructors
  7. Portfolios (required for certain majors)

In addition to meeting the Stanford transfer requirements, applicants with the most favorable chances of admission typically demonstrate the following:

  1. Completion of two full years of college coursework. While the university recommends this, there is no official minimum credit requirement.
  2. Publication or co-publication of academic research independently or with a faculty member at the current institution.
  3. Outstanding achievements beyond the classroom, such as winning intercollegiate academic competitions or excelling in leadership roles. This may also include noteworthy accomplishments in areas like research or other academic pursuits.

What is the Stanford average transfer GPA?

While this institution does not disclose the average GPA for successful transfer students, based on our experience assisting Stanford transfers, applicants with a GPA of 3.9 or higher tend to have the most favorable chances. It’s essential to note that possessing a GPA below this threshold doesn’t eliminate your chances, but maintaining a GPA within the 3.9-4.0 range significantly enhances your odds of success.

Is it easier to get into Stanford as a transfer?

Stanford University maintains a highly competitive transfer acceptance rate of 1.15%. To enhance your chances of successfully transferring to Stanford University, it is advisable to hold a current GPA of at least 3.95, with an ideal GPA hovering around 4.11. Additionally, submitting standardized test scores is a crucial component of the application process. Meeting these academic benchmarks is essential for aspiring transfer applicants aiming to secure admission to Stanford.

Does Stanford accept international transfer students?

Unfortunately, Stanford does not offer exchange programs for undergraduate students. If you aspire to study at Stanford, your options include applying as a transfer student or exploring graduate programs, the Stanford Continuing Studies program, or participating in the Stanford Summer Session. These avenues provide alternative pathways for individuals seeking to engage in academic experiences at Stanford University.

Is Stanford transfer friendly?

Here, we provide the latest Stanford transfer acceptance rate along with historical data. For the fall of 2022, out of 3,141 transfer applicants, only 57 secured admission, resulting in a Stanford transfer acceptance rate of 1.8%.

How many transfer students does Stanford accept each year?

Stanford enrolls approximately 1,700 freshmen and around 30 transfer students annually. Each applicant undergoes a comprehensive review, emphasizing academic excellence, intellectual vitality, and personal context.

What is the Stanford transfer decision date?

Transfer decisions are typically released by mid-May, providing applicants with clarity on their admission status during this timeframe.

What is the Stanford transfer deadline?

The Stanford transfer application deadline is March 15 for all academic programs. Additionally, there is an optional Arts Portfolio with a deadline of March 20.

For those considering financial aid, it’s crucial to note that the priority application deadline is also March 15. Meeting this deadline ensures optimal consideration for financial assistance.


In a typical year, the acceptance rate for Stanford transfer applicants is notably low, with only 1 in 100 or 2 in 100 successfully securing admission. It’s crucial to approach these odds with a realistic mindset, as it influences decision-making. For instance, individuals determined to change their current academic environment should consider applying to a variety of “safety” and “target” schools alongside Stanford. In reality, Stanford is a challenging prospect for every student, even those with impeccable grades and test scores—it is considered a “reach” institution. However, adopting a “realistic” mindset shouldn’t be mistaken for negativity. Approximately 50 applicants each year do succeed, showcasing that with strong credentials, dedicated effort in the application process, and compelling essays, it is possible to secure admission to Stanford as a transfer student. College Transitions has supported students who achieved success in gaining admission to Stanford through the transfer application process.