UC Davis Transfer Acceptance Rate 2024 | Strategies and Insights for Success

Residents of California are fortunate to have access to exceptional public institutions within the state, with UC Davis standing out as a notable example. UC Davis ranks among the top 40 national universities and the top 10 public universities in the United States. However, this prestige and recognition attract a substantial number of applicants, making admission to UC Davis more challenging than ever in 2024. Despite the competitive freshman admissions process, a second opportunity may await those who don’t initially become Aggies. Each year, over 9,000 transfer applicants are offered the chance to join the UC Davis community. This blog aims to provide insights into the UC Davis transfer acceptance rate, along with essential information such as the UC Davis transfer deadline, applicant requirements, the transfer decision date, and more. For those considering an alternative route to become a part of UC Davis, understanding the transfer process is key to navigating the opportunities available.

What is the UC Davis transfer acceptance rate?

Here, we present both the most up-to-date UC Davis transfer acceptance rate and historical data for a comprehensive perspective.

For the fall of 2023 entry, UC Davis received 14,747 transfer applications and extended offers to 9,530 students, resulting in a transfer acceptance rate of 64.6%.

To gain a complete understanding of the challenges associated with transferring into a particular institution, it is crucial to analyze historical data. While many schools experience significant fluctuations in transfer acceptance rates from year to year, UC Davis has maintained a relatively tight range between 50% and 58% over the past few years. Notably, the acceptance rate saw a notable increase this year, surpassing the usual range by several percentage points. This historical context offers valuable insights into the dynamics of UC Davis’ transfer admissions process.

Following are the historical transfer rates of UC Davis:

YearAcceptance Rate

What is the UC Davis transfer acceptance by major?

MajorAcceptance Rate
Computer Science38%

What are the UC Davis transfer requirements?

To complete the UC Davis application process, all students are required to submit the following items:

  1. University of California Application: Initiate the application by submitting a University of California Application, the foundational step in the admissions process.
  2. Personal Insight Questions: Provide responses to the Personal Insight Questions, offering the admissions committee a deeper understanding of your experiences and perspectives.
  3. Supplemental Materials (for some majors): Some majors may require additional supplemental materials, enhancing the specificity of the application process.

Notably, official transcripts and letters of recommendation are not part of the UC Davis transfer requirements and are not accepted during the admissions process. However, by January 31, applicants are required to complete a Transfer Academic Update (TAU) to provide fall grades and planned spring coursework. Accepted students will later need to furnish final, official transcripts.

In addition to these requirements, applicants must have:

  • Excellent grades at their previous academic institution.
  • A minimum of 60 UC-transferable semester credits (90 UC-transferable quarter units), as UC Davis only admits transfer students at the junior level.
  • Completed selective major required courses and transfer general education requirements.
  • Attended a California community college, with 92.7% of accepted transfer students originating from CA community colleges.

Prospective transfer students are advised to thoroughly review the UC Transfer Application Guide. For students at California community colleges, exploring ASSIST for articulation agreements between UC Davis and their current school is highly recommended.

What is the UC Davis transfer GPA?

As per the university’s guidelines: “UC Davis necessitates a minimum 2.80 GPA for admission selection, and many of our highly sought-after programs may necessitate a higher GPA. Aim for your highest possible GPA to enhance your competitiveness.” Additionally, it’s crucial to recognize that the mid-50% GPA range for enrolled students in the previous year stood between 3.44 and 3.89. This underscores the significance of achieving a competitive GPA to align with the academic standards of UC Davis and increase your likelihood of admission.

Is UC Davis hard to transfer into?

Here, we provide both the latest UC Davis transfer acceptance rate and historical data. For the fall of 2023, UC Davis received 14,747 transfer applications and extended offers to 9,530 students, resulting in a transfer acceptance rate of 64.6%.

Which UC has the highest transfer acceptance rate?

UC-Berkeley: In the Fall 2021 transfer cycle, UC-Berkeley received 25,560 applications and offered admission to 5,573 students, yielding a transfer acceptance rate of 21.8%.

UCLA: In the Fall 2021 transfer cycle, UCLA received 26,793 applications and admitted 5,727 students, resulting in a transfer acceptance rate of 21.4%.

What is the transfer decision date?

Transfer decisions for UC Davis will be communicated in late April. Applicants can anticipate receiving notifications about their transfer status during this period, providing clarity and allowing ample time for planning ahead of the upcoming academic term.

What is the UC Davis transfer deadline?

The UC Davis transfer deadline for every academic program is set for November 30. The application window opens on August 1, allowing prospective transfer students to commence the process of completing all necessary materials. It’s important to note that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) deadline is March 2, ensuring that applicants also adhere to financial aid requirements in a timely manner. Being mindful of these deadlines facilitates a smooth and well-prepared application process for those aspiring to join UC Davis.


UC Davis offers students the opportunity to enter through the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program. A minimum GPA requirement ranging from 3.2 to 3.5 (depending on the major) is a prerequisite for eligibility. It’s important to note that certain programs, including Computer Science and Data Science, are not accessible through TAG.

According to the admissions office, the “primary basis of our admission decision is your academic preparation and achievement. We will review your transferable GPA and courses—including those completed, in progress, and planned—as required by your major.” This highlights the significance of academic readiness and achievement as the key factors influencing the admission decision for prospective transfer students at UC Davis.