UMICH Acceptance Rate Out of State

The University of Michigan is a super competitive and demanded school in the Midwest. It is a public research university that is situated in Michigan and founded in 1817. The university offers almost 280 programs in 14 schools and colleges. However, the most famous course is the Ross Bachelors Business Administration. UMICH’s acceptance rate is nearly 23% between 2018 and 2019. It is rated as the number 1 public research university and number 2 as the public school in the U.S. So, it is no wonder why every student wants to take admission to the University of Michigan.

This university does have two other campuses; however, they have different requirements and acceptance rates. Therefore, if you are applying for UMICH as an international student, you must know the UMICH acceptance rate out-of-state and keep in mind that you will have to compete with thousands of students.

In previous years, the University of Michigan has provided more and enormous opportunities to out-of-state and international students comparatively. Although the global pandemic has badly impacted international travel, approximately half of the undergraduate population is a non-Michigan inhabitant. In contrast to a decade ago when almost 64% of the population were Michigan citizens. If you are applying to join the elite student bunch of Michigan, you must know about its appropriate admission procedure. Every applicant must know that you need to have a solid academic profile to get accepted.

UMICH Acceptance Rate Out of The State

The University of Michigan has received almost 83,029 applications for the 2021-2022 and accepted nearly 16,235 students with an acceptance rate of 18.2%. This rate is lower than the previous class, in which 65,021 students were selected with an acceptance rate of 26%. Application increased from 65,021 to 83,029 in 2020-2021 admissions. The acceptance rate within the state is much higher than the acceptance rate of the non-residents. In a rough estimate, for the class of 2024, 47.5% of taxpayer children were accepted, while the out-of-state ratio was only 21.9%. 

Who Is Most Likely to Get Admission In UMICH 

The states from which students have higher chances of admission to the University of Michigan are Michigan, New York, Illinois, California, Ohio, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. However, the students of less-populated states like Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, West Virginia, and others also have some probability of getting admission. The undergraduate students that are currently enrolled in the University of UMICH are given below.

  • Asian American with 16.3%.
  • Hispanic with 7.0%.
  • African Americans have 4.0%.
  • International students contain almost a 7.4% ratio.
  • The caucasian has a 55.2% rate.

 Unlike many other institutes that contain more female students than males, Michigan has nearly the same number of women and men. The Male ratio is 49.6%, while the females are almost 50.4%.

Factors That Affect the Admission Rate of Michigan

Highly crucial factors that Michigan considers very important for the admission process are Secondary school record and GPA. Along with these recommendations, geographical residence, legacy status, extracurricular activities, state residency, volunteer experience, abilities all play a significant role.

The admission office said we take each student as the complete package, combining interests, skills, passion, and talent. In other words, they recruit the most dynamic group of students despite just looking at the grade and scores. One class may contain students of different interests what combines them is academic excellence in a challenging and rewarding environment.  

Tricks For Applying to Michigan

If you are planning to stand amongst the 83000+ students for the next admission cycle, have a look at the given below tips and tricks.

The university provides optional alumni interviews as part of the admission procedure for engineering students. Therefore, the HAIL interviews do not mostly play a crucial role in the admission procedure.

It also considers the demonstrated interest. So, it is good to make contact with the admission office, connect using social media, or you can visit campus. 

Make sure you put enough and extra effort into the supplemental essays asked by Michigan. For example, in the 2021-2022 cycle, the university required two prompts in addition to the 650 words of the Common App essay.

Average Academic Profile Needed for UMICH Acceptance GPA

The average GPA of Michigan University for the class of 2025 is 3.87.


To know how much score you need to have, the 50% SAT score for enrolled students is 1340-1520. At the same time, the middle 50% ACT score is 31-34. Thus, almost 64% of the students submitted SAT scores, and 48% submitted ACT scores. Although it is recommended that students should submit this score, however, it is not mandatory.

How To Improve Chances of Admission to The University of Michigan

Participate in the most challenging classes available; however, try to obtain at least a 3.87 GPA, the average high school GPA of the University of Michigan for 2025. On the other side, approximately 30.8% of students attained a 4.0 GPA. Keep these statistics in your mind when you start thinking about applying to Michigan. Like few other top schools, the University of Michigan also utilizes Academic Index to calculate student academic performance. A solid and impressive transcript for your application to pass the academic index.

The students who submit the score are more likely to get admission to the university than those who don’t submit scores. Therefore, if you have obtained 25 percent or above, then we recommend you to submit.

If you are a freshman, then try participating in more thorough courses to challenge yourself. This is because the University of Michigan considers it highly important. Keep in mind your future majors while selecting the courses. For example, if you plan to major in the medical field, you can take human anatomy, physics, and physiology.

Keep practicing more engaging and impressive essays. This thing will ultimately enhance your skill and align you with the school values.


If you possess a 1350+ SAT score and a GPA of almost 3.9, you should apply without hesitation. However, if you are out-state, your chances of getting admission are comparatively low compared to in-state students. By reading this article, you must have an idea that only top high school students in the world can compete against odds and get admission to the University of Michigan.

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