10 undeniable reasons why You have to study software development

Today, it is difficult to imagine life without computers and without all the solutions that they offer us, both personally and professionally.

Reflecting on the flood of technological resources and tools that the market offers us on a daily basis, I have come across 10 undeniable reasons why I would have wanted to study software development when I graduated from college.

Reasons to study software development

1. Creativity

Although the job of software developers is not to design, it is an activity that requires a lot of creativity. 

Therefore, an intrinsic characteristic of this profession is the creation of creative solutions, based on innovative ideas, that respond to a requirement.

2. Troubleshooting

Problem solving is the “leitmotif” of software developers’ careers. 

They develop the ability to break a situation, no matter how complex, into smaller parts to understand the problem. The ability to solve problems allows them to quickly evaluate the alternatives that can be implemented to obtain the best possible solution.

3. Analysis capacity

The analytical capacity allows to study in depth the situations that are presented to software developers.

The ability to examine, observe and detail situations enables them to better understand the challenges that lie ahead and thus develop appropriate IT solutions.

4. Networking

The work of software developers requires interaction with different people, in diverse environments within organizations; where you interact with the client and their collaborators, designers, data architects, programmers and project managers.

This is how the creation of networks occurs where it is possible to share knowledge and experiences that contribute to the growth of all.

5. Continuous learning

Due to the fact that technology is constantly evolving and in leaps and bounds, studying software development requires continuous learning, since it is the only way to be updated, to know the technological advances that emerge every day and to be able to use them when proposing solutions.

6. Perseverance

Software development makes problems or difficulties viewed from a solution-oriented perspective. So, in the face of any problem raised, software developers persevere in finding results that solve the problems, almost automatically.

The brain develops mechanisms that are activated when problems arise, to solve them logically and offer solutions, no matter how difficult it may seem. Perseverance is a skill developed by those who show a positive outlook on any approach.

7. Change management

When problems are solved, what will surely happen is that new problems appear and therefore new solutions to look for. These changing situations, together with the continuous evolution of technology, make software developers acquire skills for change management.

8. Ability to undertake

The capacity for abstraction is the ability to separate an object from its environment, to analyze it and create a definition that describes it. Therefore, it allows to see the “Big Picture”, in addition to the details of the implementation of the solutions.

9. Capacity for abstraction

With each new problem, software developers increase their skills to take risks and thus take advantage of business opportunities. This allows them to expand their capacity to undertake and be part of innovative businesses, where technology is the protagonist.

10. Time management

Time management is the ability to organize and plan all the activities that need to be done to do effective work. Due to its complexity, software development work allows one to learn to manage time to find the solutions that are needed.

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