How to Write Internship Report | Internship Report Format with Template

Internship Report; after the internship, each student must present an internship report document. When writing an internship report, students should learn how to write a step-by-step report.

What is an internship report?

An internship report provides a compilation of your internship program that many companies demand you submit at the end of your stay. The internship report is significant as it tells your teacher about the skills and abilities you learned during your internship and the opportunity you had to put those talents into practice. Your internship report contains pertinent information regarding your internship experience, including an overview of your job with the organization, tasks done, and skills developed. This report may be used by your director to enhance internship options or teachings for new students.

Why is an internship report necessary?

Your company may need you to write an internship report. In this scenario, you will need to put aside enough time to organize it. You might find it helpful to jot down relevant details throughout your internship so that you can reference them afterward in your report. Even though an internship report is not required, you can still write one and utilize it as a personal resource for your own analysis.

Things to keep in mind before writing an internship report

  • Submit your work in a loose file or thesis binders.
  • For your internship report, write a cover letter.
  • A cover page, a list of contents, and page numbers are all required.
  • Ensure that it is tidy, well-organized, and pertinent to the issue. Make it look as professional as possible.
  • Internship reports should be roughly 10 pages long, not including the appendix, but at least five pages long if the internship is only two days long.

Outline to create an internship report

The most important aspects of your internship experience should be covered in your internship report. This should contain a summary of the abilities you acquired. However, keep in view that whatever directions your internship supervisor gave you regarding your report should be followed by the letter. The required material, format, due dates, and other details may be included in these guidelines.

You can create your internship report using the steps or framework below:

1. Make a page for the title

Include your name, class, date, and the institution’s name on a title or cover page. This distinguishes your report from those of other interns who will be giving reports as well.

2. Make a table of contents for your book.

A table of contents can also be essential to add to your internship report. It should be the first page of your report as it helps readers jump to the sections of the report that they want to study.

3. Include details about the company’s background

A brief history of the organization should be included in your report. Include facts such as the company’s founding date, mission or goal statement, the kind of jobs it performs daily, and any other valuable points. The reader will gain a better comprehension of your experience if you provide context.

4. Include your internship position and duties

The body of your internship report will be devoted to your interactions with the company. It’s a good idea to clarify your position and duties as an intern with the organization before going into detail about your experiences and the things you learned. This will provide your reader with a more comprehensive summary of your internship and enable you to mention your achievements while on the job.

5. Talk about what you’ve learned and the abilities you’ve gained.

You will detail the specific items you learned and the abilities you developed in the significant section of your internship report. Connect these abilities to your educational background. Describe unique experiences you had while working for the company that helped you grow.

6. Finish with some thoughts that are still on your mind

It’s also a good idea to think about what talents or experiences you’d like to gain. For instance, if you desire you had had more personal client experience, talk about it. You could also highlight your desire to be more engaged in the technological aspects of the company. This method gives you insight into areas you’d like to work on more in your next job, as well as suggestions for how the organization may enhance its internship program.

Please remember that your internship report could be seen by several people, including your internship supervisor and other company executives. Your professor, students, and other school officials may view your report if the internship is essential to your education. Establish an assertive communication style and edit your report thoroughly before sending it.


Title page



[Internship dates]

[Internship organization]

Table of contents

  1. Company information
  2. Internship description
  3. Overview of internship experience
  4. Ongoing consideration

Company information

Internship description

Overview of internship experience

Ongoing consideration


What is the primary goal of an internship?

The fundamental goal is to put an intern’s knowledge and expertise to use in the workplace by developing hands-on tasks in a professional setting. Students gain knowledge from existing companies instead of from the only school in this method.

What is the duration of an internship?

Universities typically give internships for 3 to 4 months if interns can fulfill the requisite 20–35 hours Week Schedule. But, the length of the internship may be determined by what schools or organizations agree on before the internship.

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